TULSA, Oklahoma - Firefighters say a woman was hurt when fire damaged her home early Monday morning.

The fire happened at about 1:30 a.m. in the 800 block of East 32nd Place North, just southwest of 36th Street North and North Peoria. 

Investigators say they believe it started when the homeowner was lighting either a candle or some incense.

When firefighters arrived they could see flames through the windows. They say they were able to contain the fire to the room it started in, but they found heavy smoke damage in all the rooms.

"Red Cross was called for the occupants that live here," said Captain Keith Beck, Tulsa Fire Department. "We had a couple and then a couple of children that Red Cross will be assisting you know in the next couple of days as they try to put everything back together after this fire."

Firefighters say the woman went to the hospital with minor injuries. They say she is expected to be OK.