CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - Parts of the Federal Government were shut down for more than a month and even though they're reopening today, the shutdown is impacting more than just federal employees.

Stephanie Hill has been playing the waiting game for a month now.

"It's been a lesson in patience and I don't think I've done a very good job at it sometimes," Hill said.

Stephanie put her Claremore house up for sale right before Christmas and she says it sold in just three days. After finding a new house a few weeks later a closing day was set for January 25th.

The problem? The buyer's loan requires government attention.

"He has one that requires him to get a number, a cohort number from the federal government. And that's when we realized, oh. If the government doesn't reopen we can't close on the 25th," Hill said.

Stephanie has moved furniture and other belongings out of the house but they haven't left the driveway. She has already bought furniture for her new house but now has nowhere to put it.

"I think what people don't realize is it did have a trickle down effect to a lot of other people besides federal workers. We've kind of been in this limbo not knowing do we pack? Do we not pack?"

Even though the government is set to reopen on Monday, Stephanie is still feeling uncertain because she knows others are in the same situation she is.

She said, "We don't know  when they will release this number we need because there are other loans that need it too. So we are still kind of in a flux."

Stephanie tells me it has been a stressful month but she knows she's not alone.

"They're anxious to move too. Thank the Lord they had a landlord who was working with them."