TULSA, Oklahoma - The IRS is back up and running and Monday is the first day they can process tax claims. Tax offices across Tulsa are busy as people file their tax return paperwork and There are a number of changes to expect this year.

"Lots of phone calls of people nervous about filing and if they will be impacted or if there is a deadline they should wait until the government opens again before they file," said Meagan Flores of H&R Block.

According to Flores, for the most part, it is business as usual but for many withholding amounts will differ from what you might be used to claiming. Also, many refunds will be different this year due to some of the tax law changes.

"Some people are seeing a greater refund because they're not paying taxes on as much as they were before," said Flores.

Flores also suggests citizens file early because there is no guarantee the government will remain open. Filing early also helps protect you from possible identity theft.

"The longer you wait the longer you give somebody the opportunity to file for you with your name and social. All they need is your social and birthday and name so it makes us all really susceptible to tax fraud or identity theft," said Flores.

Tax experts also say to file electronically because if the government shuts down again paper returns will be slower. The tax deadline of April 15 still remains. Taxpayers should not expect more time to file due to the government shutdown.