CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - Investigators in Rogers County and Tulsa are asking any women who’ve been the victim of indecent exposure while driving to please come forward.

Rogers County deputies arrested Tyrel Welch after two women in Claremore, one in Oologah, and one in Tulsa, say a man exposed himself to them in traffic. Investigators say Welch is a convicted sex offender on probation and was even wearing an ankle monitor during his recent crime spree.

Investigators say the women were driving when they realized a man was following them. They say he pulled up next to them with his interior lights on and lifted his hips high enough the women could see he was naked.

Mary says it happened to her in Tulsa on highway 169 at 6 in the morning on her way to work. Two of the women say he tried to run them off the road in an effort to get them to look his way.

"If I would speed up, he would speed up. I'd slow down, he'd slow down. He was basically stalking me on the highway for miles," said Mary.

All four women reported it, and all described the same man and vehicle. Mary went even further. She followed him and got his tag number.

"I was like, no, no, no, we're not doing this," Mary said.

Records show Welch served six years in prison for raping a 17-year-old who was jogging, a random stranger attack.

"He attacked her, strangled her, brought her to the ground and sexually assaulted her," said Sergeant Jillian Phippen with the Tulsa Police Special Victim’s unit.

He got out of prison in July, moved back to Rogers County in August and registered. It was Rogers County investigators who arrested him.

They say Welch is on probation and his ankle monitor records confirm he was at the locations pinpointed by all four victims.

"Makes you wonder what happens when that ankle monitor comes off. Who's he going to victimize then," Mary said.

"Investigators say Welch denied the new allegations and New York is in the process of revoking his probation.

If anyone else had this happen to them, investigators say it's critical to file a report.