TULSA, Oklahoma - A man who led Tulsa police on a pursuit is now in custody after a lengthy standoff at a QuikTrip near Interstate 244 and Sheridan.

Police surround a suspect at a QuikTrip in Tulsa.


Police says the driver, Carmel Taylor, was speeding in a school zone and when they tried to pull him over he didn't stop. They say he finally turned into a Parking Lot near Admiral and Memorial but wasn't complying with their commands.

Police started speaking directly to the pregnant woman who was in the car with Carmel. They asked her to get out of the car, but officers say because Taylor's doors didn't work she had to climb out a window. 

"She tried to roll down the passenger window but couldn't get it to roll down so we suggested to her to climb out the driver's side window and she did," said TPD Captain Mike Eckert. "She wanted him to stop because she was afraid of getting shot and he said if they shoot at us he'll shoot back."

After sitting in the parking lot for nearly an hour, the man took off driving and ended up in the Quick Trip Parking Lot near Sheridan and 244. There, officers fired pepper balls into the car, but say the suspect still refused to come out. 

"We were able to get hands on both his hands to get cuffs on him and because his doors didn't open we had to pull him out the window," said Eckert.

Captain Eckert says they did find a gun in the car and later learned Taylor was a convicted felon.

"Just another example of you never know who you're dealing with or what they are capable of," he said.

Captain Eckert says Carmel Taylor will be booked on several traffic violations and also possession of a firearm after former conviction of a felony.