TULSA, Oklahoma - Artist Richard Barlow has been working on his creation since last weekend. It will be ready for the public on Friday evening.

Barlow has been doing these large chalk wall drawings for about 5 years, this one resulted from a trip to the Arctic to see the pack ice. He took photographs and they inspired this drawing.

He works with white sticks of chalk like many of us remember our teachers using. He sands them down into different shaped points and uses lighter pressure for darker areas and harder pressure for the whiter places.

“The first thing I need to do is figure out what the wall is like,” He said.

Every wall has a different texture, and that affects the way the drawing turns out. His drawings are temporary and at the end of the exhibit, it will be erased. The overall message, nothing is permanent.

The exhibit opens Friday and runs through the spring at the Philbrook Downtown.