BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - The mother of a murdered Broken Arrow woman is responding to updates in her daughter’s case. She says detectives found something Lauren Kidd was either wearing or carrying the day police say she was murdered. Detectives are still searching for her body.

The Kidd family says DNA proves Lauren was at the McCurtain County paper mill. The family says detectives told them, Lauren didn’t go there on her own and was not alive when she arrived.

“This was Lauren’s favorite. She carried this with her everywhere she went,” said Lauren’s mom Christa Kidd.

A little more than three months after Lauren Kidd’s murder her mother has turned her room into a hideaway. The space, specifically designed with Lauren’s daughter Addison in mind. Lauren’s mom Christa Kidd decorated the room with Lauren’s childhood toys, furniture and dress up clothes so little Addi can have a space to grow up in—where she can have fun and remember her mom.

“Lauren used to dress up in this like it was a Cinderella skirt. Addison loves it. She wears it now and it fits her perfectly,” said Kidd.

Police say Lauren’s ex-boyfriend Konner Brunner admitted to killing Lauren and putting her body in a recycling bin. Officers checked the bin and say they found blood but not Lauren’s body. They have been searching through a paper mill in McCurtain County for evidence.

“It is a horrible visual thought in your mind that your daughter would be in that place,” said Kidd.

Christa says detectives found an item Lauren was either carrying or wearing the day she was murdered at the paper mill. Kidd says the item matched Lauren’s DNA but the search for her body continues.

“The last place that we do know is that she was in Valliant at the paper mill. She didn’t go on her own. She was not alive when she got there and we don’t know where her body is,” said Kidd.

Instead of focusing on the answers they don’t have Christa says she is trying to remember the time she did have with her daughter.

“We know she is not here anymore. We know there is not anything we can do about that. A bad person chose to do something that took her away from us. We will never not miss her,” said Kidd.

The family says they are choosing to focus on the memories they have together and all the people Lauren’s life touched.

“She had so much of a future ahead of her and I’m sorry that was taken away,” said Kidd.

Lauren’s mom says the paper mill recalled more than 30,000 tons of bundles after the murder. She says she can’t put into words how thankful she is to the Broken Arrow Police Department and employees at the paper mill.