STILLWATER, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released video Wednesday of a suspected drunk driver damaging a trooper's car.

The OHP says the incident happened near Stillwater last weekend.

The video was recorded by the dash camera in a trooper's car. It shows one trooper stopped on the side of the road with his emergency lights activated, when a another car pulls up and stops behind it.

The first trooper appears to have been concerned that the car was going to hit him. He walks around the car and opens the door as the driver steps out. The OHP said the driver failed to put the car in park and it started to roll forward.

The video shows the first trooper raising his arms as if in disgust, while the second trooper gets out of his car and then both troopers pull the driver out of the car and cuff him.

The OHP said the impact damaged the door of the trooper's car. Troopers have not released the driver's identity.