TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police recovered a stolen vehicle and served a search warrant at a West Tulsa home on Wednesday.

Tulsa Police officers were outside the home near West Admiral and 33rd for several hours and recovered a Chevy Tahoe they say was stolen out of Edmond. TPD says they were able to find the Tahoe because it had a GPS tracker and a dealership was able to figure out where the vehicle was and sent that location to Police.

After officers recovered the vehicle at the house, police said a man was inside and would not come out.  Police then had to wait for a judge to issue a search warrant before they went inside.

As soon as that warrant was signed, officers moved in with a shield in hand and walked out with a man in handcuffs.

"They stack up in order to, the shield is for protection for the officer going in they make announcements, they go inside they try and cover as much of the room and go in," said Cpl. Steven Ham of the Tulsa Police Department.

Police would not tell us who the man was or why he was put in handcuffs. There were others inside the home but no other arrests have been made at this time.