TULSA, Oklahoma - Jeff Proctor, a single dad with two sons, Preston and Carson, has written a book for the boys.

"The whole purpose of this was just to give the boys two books that their dad wrote," he said.

Jeff says when his marriage broke up he thought maybe his dream of a perfect family was lost, but it was still worth searching for. That's something he wants his boys to learn.

One day the story of Charlie's Apple popped in his head. He wrote it down and sent it to a friend in Oklahoma City. He did the Illustrations.

It's a sweet story about a kid named Charlie who loves apples. He's on a school field trip to an apple orchard.

Charlie announces to his friends that because his favorite color is blue, he’ll looking for a blue apple. The kids all laughed and the teacher told Charlie there’s no such thing as a blue apple.

The blue apple is symbolic, of course, but Proctor says, “even if people tell you you can’t have something, or it doesn’t exist doesn’t mean you don’t keep pushing for it.”

That’s the message for his sons and for anyone who reads “Charlie’s Apple”.

The book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.