TULSA, Oklahoma - Emergency crews responded to a gas line explosion near 21st and Memorial after a 16-inch gas line ruptured. Tulsa Police said that a truck was believed to have hit the gas line.

The line was capped around 8 p.m., and police say the area has been deemed safe.

There were no crews working at that exact location at the time of the incident, News On 6 was told.

Businesses and residences in a two-block area were evacuated, and parts of the roadway were shutdown. Firefighters went door to door in neighborhoods to alert residents. 

Tulsa Fire Department said they had to evacuate Leisure Village nursing center as a result of the gas leak at 23rd and Memorial.  Family members were told they could pick up residents from the nursing homes at the Memorial Drive United Methodist Church, 7903 East 15th Street.

EMSA helped with the senior citizens, according to police.

When Osage SkyNews 6 HD first flew over the pipe rupture shortly after 3 p.m., you could see gas blowing from the large pipe, but there was no fire. Tulsa fire crews began spraying water on the line using a ladder truck.

Public Service of Oklahoma reported around 2,000 power outages at the intersection. By 8 p.m., that number had been reduced to 1,753. Tulsa Police said around 67,000 customers are without natural gas service.

Gas Line Rupture Impacts Tulsa Businesses, Neighborhoods 

Tulsa Public School confirms Nathan Hale canceled all after-school activities.

"We want the public to know we are aware of this, and we are handling it," said Andy Little, Public Information Officer with Tulsa Fire Department.

"Just stay away from the area if you see a barricaded road or police - don't try to go around them. Stay out of the area, and you'll be safe."

It's believed the site is a $1 million street rehab project where city crews are replacing underground infrastructure.