An Oklahoma woman is asking for the public’s help finding the man she said raped her daughter.

Brian Hines, has several warrants out of Creek County, and has been on the run since earlier this month.

"She screams when she sleeps when she does go to sleep,” said the woman we are not naming to protect her identity. "It's just scary for her I would assume."

The woman said they’re both in hiding.

"She's not allowed to go to her house. She's not allowed to go to her church. And she's not allowed to go to school because they're all locations he knows," she said.

The Creek County Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement agencies have been looking for Hines since earlier this month, but don't know where he's hiding.

They were contacted when the woman's daughter said Hines sexually abused her, while staying at a relative’s house.

Hines was staying there because of a family situation, and what the woman calls a loophole in Oklahoma law.

"When I found out, I freaked out. I mean I started shaking, I cried,” she said.

Hines had just been released from prison a few weeks before this rape accusation, for a previous lewd acts with a child conviction.

Now that he's on the run, this woman said, she's ready for her family to heal and Hines to be caught.

"I've never been to one to say you know hang him and let him dry, but if you're going to do this right after you've been out and you're not going to reform yourself, hang him and let him dry."