CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - The Rogers County Sheriff's Office seized more than half a million dollars worth of high grade, highly-concentrated THC oil. They arrested a man they said was transporting the oil from California to Muskogee.

Oklahoma's new medical marijuana laws can create confusion for law enforcement when it comes to handling traffic stops, but in this case, Sheriff Scott Walton isn't worried.

"I think we've got a rock solid arrest here," he said.

Drug Interdiction Officer Ron Walker made the stop - opening boxes labeled "personal effects" to find 29 mason jars full of a thick, brown substance; Walker called in a K-9 officer.

"Strong, strong indication from our dog that we had something here," Walton said.

Lieutenant Walker field-tested the product, and it tested positive for THC.

Walker said he's seen the product many times before, and recognized it as a highly-concentrated oil that is very expensive, and in high demand.

"It's most intended use would probably be for vape pens," Walton said.

Lieutenant Walker arrested Michael Hutchison, who's now in jail on a complaint of marijuana possession with intent to distribute.

Sheriff Walton said there were 16,000 grams of oil, which they're estimating to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"I think we're being conservative to say it's between half and three-quarters of a million dollars of product here that won't fall into the wrong hands," the sheriff said.

Walton says it's a new find for them, and they're glad to have it off the streets.

"This is not medical marijuana, this is not something that's going to help somebody," he said. "This is something that's going to help somebody get stoned."

The product will be sent off for more testing.