TULSA, Oklahoma - Two convicted felons are in jail - accused of kidnapping a man and driving him around in his stolen car for nearly 10 hours. Police say Felicia McGuire drove the car while Deric Spear beat the victim in the back seat.

"The victim tells us that he had been running around in his car all day long with several subjects that wouldn't let him get out," said Tulsa Police Officer Rashena Smith.

Police say McGuire and Spear told the victim they were going to drive around town committing crimes. The arrest report says the suspects wouldn't let the victim out of the car, hit him in the face, threatened him with a gun, stole his cell phone, and 100 dollars cash.

“He had some lacerations and a knot above his left eye,” said Officer Smith.

After being held hostage for almost 10 hours, police say the victim escaped and ran to a house to get help. The woman who owns the house didn't want to go on camera but told me the man came to her front door frazzled and shaking - asking to use a phone so he could call 911.

“He gave us his tag number. We put that out on the radio,” said Officer Smith.

The arrest and booking report says it wasn't long after the victim gave police officers a description of the car the suspects were driving that another officer on duty saw the vehicle pull in to the Tulsa Extended Stay Hotel off of East 41st Street.

That's where officers say they arrested Deric Spear and Felicia McGuire on robbery and kidnapping complaints.