TULSA, Oklahoma - Some families are finally able to return home after neighborhoods were evacuated by a Tulsa gas leak but many are without heat. A 16-inch gas line ruptured Thursday afternoon leaving thousands without gas.

The good news is that power is back on for the people who live near 21st and Memorial. 

The view from Osage SkyNews 6 HD showed the scene just minutes after officers say a truck hit a gas line near 21st and Memorial - sending gas spewing into the air.

Gas Line Explosion Causes Evacuations At 21st & Memorial In Tulsa 

"Chaos ensued - people running everywhere and couldn't really see. Visibility was really, really low," said Brayden Tracy. Tracy works in the area.

People said the explosion sounded like an airplane.

John Sigurdson was close to the explosion and said: "It sounded like an engine a jet engine going off."

"It was really, really loud almost kind of like a thunder strike, but it was louder than that at first," Tracy said.
"We thought it was a jet, a big jumbo."

Tulsa Police evacuated a two-block radius including at least 100 senior citizens from a nursing center, many of whom needed EMSA to help move them.

Tulsa Fire Department is urging people to stay away from the area so emergency crews can work.

"We have specially trained crews - Hazmat crews are here, ONG is here and they are all experts in that so they train and they prepare," said Firefighter Andy Little, Public Information Officer with the Tulsa Fire Department.

Tulsa Public Schools canceled all after-school athletic activities at the nearby Nathan Hale High School. ONG, PSO Tulsa Police and Tulsa Fire are all working, trying to get things back to normal.

Police deemed the area safe after the gas line was shut off around 8 p.m. East and westbound lanes of the intersection were opened, but southbound traffic is still barricaded and is expected to be closed for several days.