TULSA, Oklahoma - Drivers and neighbors near 21st and Memorial are still feeling the impact of yesterday's gas leak explosion that caused thousands of outages and evacuations.

Traffic is blocked off in both directions south of the intersection Friday morning. Tulsa Police say southbound traffic on Memorial near 21st will stay blocked for several days as crews start making repairs.

We saw several vehicles in the area this morning that are covered with dirt and debris from the explosion.

Fifty workers from Oklahoma Natural Gas were here assessing the damage. Oklahoma Natural Gas says its customers who live within three miles of the site are still without service right now.

News On 6 talked with several people who work in a nearby shopping center and they say you could feel a violent shake and dirt, rocks and other debris went flying across the parking lot.

Several people say they saw the windows rattle in their stores or their vehicles had some sort of damage.

Greg Wilder, who works at Basketcase Disc Golf, says he was walking into the store when he saw the explosion.

"Just pulled in, was reaching for the door and, I mean, the worst, worst sound you've ever heard. Loudest sound I've ever heard. I mean, it sounded like a plane crashing or a bomb going off in a movie," said Wilder.

Saint Pius announced last night that there would be no school today due to the gas leak and the power outages that came with it.

PSO says all power has been restored in the area.

At one point, there were 2,000 customers without power. ONG says fewer than 1,000 customers are without gas as of Friday afternoon.

Families and homeowners were displaced for a few hours but they were eventually allowed back into their homes.

ONG says it's now in charge of the investigation.