CLEVELAND, Oklahoma - The State School Superintendent, along with dozens of northeastern Oklahoma school leaders, will meet in Cleveland this morning.

Cleveland's superintendent says the district wanted host an event to share ideas on how to enhance education in smaller schools.

Dr. Aaron Espolt says, over the past few years Cleveland has been working to adapt to the state's changing education landscape. He says it's tough to attract teachers to rural school, so Cleveland has teamed up with the "Teacher and Leading Initiative Of Oklahoma" organization to train novice teachers.

Last year the district started using a blended learning model, with a virtual classroom that has flexible hours for about 60 students.

And the middle school operates a "micro society" where students run a city called "Tiger Valley" with government system, businesses and services to help them prepare for the real world.

Espolt says he invited State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister today to say "thank you."

"By the autonomy Superintendent Hofmeister has given school leaders and by the freedom she's given our local districts, we've been able to innovate and create and do great things for our students," Espolt said.

Espolt says ideas for some of the programs Cleveland offers came from visiting other schools in Oklahoma, and hopes today's Innovative Practices event inspires some of the leaders from other districts.