TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa's Humane Society rescued 52 dogs this week and it needs help.

The emergency kennel for the Humane Society is suddenly packed with animals, after the Tulsa group drove to the panhandle to rescue dogs from a family losing their home in foreclosure.

They're all from one house and could be from the same handful of litters. The Humane Society is asking for blankets and food to help them care for all these new animals that were otherwise going to be put down Thursday.

The good news is the dogs appear to be in good shape which is not usually the case.

"They're all well taken care of, they're not thin, none have been starved. She said it's not an issue of feeding them, I just didn't have anywhere to go when we lost our home," Ashley Villines, Humane Society of Tulsa.

The unusual thing is not that the dogs all came from one home - it's that all 52 might be part of the same dog family.  Many of them have very similar features - most some version of black and white.

"She said it all started with two dogs, so I'm assuming they're all related in one way or another," said Villines.

The dogs lived in outdoor kennels, at a house 20 miles out from Beaver, Oklahoma - 280 miles from Tulsa.

Villines said, "We left at five and got in about 930 last night with all these kiddos."

The sudden addition of all the new animals - and the expense of treating and feeding and checking all of them - has the Humane Society asking for food and blankets.  The dogs appear healthy; just shy and not used to close contact - the Society hopes to get them ready for adoption soon.

"Within a week, we should have some kind of a plan together for them, I think," Villines said.

The Humane Society is taking donations of cash as well. Visit the group's page here.