TULSA, Oklahoma - Gas is still being restored Friday night to some residents in the 21st and Memorial area after a gas line explosion.

We're hearing more from people that were affected after a natural gas line ruptured Thursday afternoon leaving thousands without power and gas.

At last check Oklahoma Natural Gas says fewer than 200 accounts still don't have gas. I spoke with one family that is happy to be back in their home tonight after they were asked to leave.

Cornbread and soup is on the menu for Hannah Uzzel and her family - just one day after a 16-inch gas line broke sending gas spewing into the air near their home. 

"I heard a huge noise - at first I thought, you know, we have planes that go over quite a bit, and I thought maybe there's a plane flying low about to crash was the first thing I thought of so I ran outside," said Hannah Uzzel. 

Uzzel said people in the neighborhood were trying to figure out what happened. She said she walked down her street and saw.

"Just debris you know dirt rocks and cement on the street," said Uzzel.

The power soon went off.

"I was about ready to fix dinner and had laundry to dry, and I didn't know if I should turn anything on," she said.

First responders at one point evacuated two blocks in every direction near 21st and Memorial including Uzzel and her family. She took refuge in a family member's home. Uzzel said she’s thankful to all the first responders.

"Everything's back to normal, and we are thankful to have gas and electric. They had a really quick response time, and policemen and firefighters were very nice about coming by letting us know so I think they did an excellent," said Tulsa resident Hannah Uzzel.

As of this writing, ONG said the cause of the break is still under investigation.