GLENPOOL, Oklahoma - The city of Glenpool has a new police chief and he says he has big plans for the city of Glenpool.

New Glenpool Police Chief Jim Martin has been in law enforcement for more than 30 years. He started his career as a military police officer, then spent many years in Kansas with the Lawrence police department and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

“In my career I’ve done a lot of things, seen a lot things and experienced a lot of things that people get into law enforcement for,” said Chief Martin.

Martin says he brings a lot of experience to the table from his work as a detective to administrative experience, but says he never saw himself moving to Oklahoma at first.

“The Glenpool job really started to look more enticing as I started to look into it and I saw that at one point Glenpool was the fastest growing city in the state of Oklahoma,” said Chief Martin.

Right now the department has 24 officers, but Chief Martin says he hopes to see the city and the department grow.

He says officers already have a great relationship with the community but hopes to keep moving the department forward.

“My plan is to implement more technology for this department and help them grow into whatever future is ahead for us,” said Chief Martin.

During a cleanup of their property room last year, some police documents were accidentally thrown away. Chief Martin says he knows all eyes are on the department at this time and plans to be transparent with citizens.

“They are more than welcome to come to me and sit down and talk to me and I’ll share my vision and they can share their concerns so I can help address those concerns,” said Chief Martin.