CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - A Claremore man with 30 years’ experience in manufacturing is bringing business back to his hometown.

His new business, MST Manufacturing, will bring 100 jobs and $5 million in capital investment to Claremore over the next few years.

MST manufacturing president Kenneth Stanton says he's doesn't want to just create jobs in Claremore. He wants to create careers.

Kenneth Statton is bringing his life-long passion back home. With 25 years in aerospace, Statton knows the industry is thriving in Oklahoma and he wants to expand that to Claremore.

"What we have seen over the past several years is a steady increase, year over year increase in the amount of aerospace work. Aircraft builds are at record highs and growing across the commercial industry," said Statton.

After months of anticipation, MST Manufacturing opened its doors and hit the ground running. This is a "job shop" which means they take customer supplied information from a blueprint and use it to make the part.

"We focus heavily on the machined and fabricated part, the individual part or assembly and the tooling to make those parts," said Statton.

John Feary is the Executive Director of the Claremore Industrial Economic Authority. He says landing aerospace manufacturing in Claremore is a perfect opportunity to reinvest in the community.

"Economic development as a whole starts with primary jobs where people can earn a livable wage and afford to do those things like build new houses, spend their money in our restaurants and our retail centers," said Feary.

Statton said it is a blessing to create sustainable jobs in his hometown. His business just started operations a few days ago but word travels fast.

"I'm finding people that have actually reached out to me and asked if they can come to work over here and be a part of this next big thing that’s going on. So, for me it's extra special," said Statton.

Statton said he hopes to have 30 full-time employees working there by the end of the year.

MST is hiring a variety of positions, including CNC machinists, CNC machine operators, quality inspectors, debur and detail technicians, shipping and receiving personnel, reception and experienced program managers. Resumes can be submitted online at