NOWATA, Oklahoma - A former OU football player plans to use a piece of land in Nowata to launch a hemp pilot program. The town's mayor hopes the program will mean big things for the small town.

"One of the biggest things you will see is just the organic matter that is in the soil-the breakdown of it," said hemp farmer Matt Burn.

This piece of land in Nowata is where OU football legend Marcus Dupree hopes to start a hemp pilot program.

"At the end of the day we just want to help people," said Marcus Dupree.

Dupree says the idea is to create a community for small town farmers- a piece of land where farmers can come to learn how to grow strains of medical hemp, and get the tools and the resources they need to be successful. The concept he says would help create jobs and opportunities for people living here - something Mayor Dana Robinson says her town needs.

"We need industry, we need jobs, we need the income for the city and for the county. We are a poor, poor area and this is huge for us," said Mayor Dana Robinson.

"They are predicting that it is going to be a 30 billion dollar industry for the U.S. we just want our farmers to be able to get their share of it," said Burn.

"To get farmers involved in doing something good for the state, helping people, making good hemp with the right product," said Dupree.

Dupree Industries says it's partnering with local businesses and farmers to make the concept a reality.

"Would we be successful this year and be able to grow it and get along on our own? Absolutely, but with their help we have a lot better chance. We have off take - we know where it is going to go and who is going to buy it so it gives us a lot more peace of mind," said Burn.

Dupree says the next step is to start hiring people.

Anyone who wants to learn more about what will be happening with the hemp pilot program in Nowata can email