SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - A fire caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage at the Sand Springs Sand and Gravel Company overnight.

It happened in a storage shed with heavy equipment inside at about 10:45 Tuesday night.

Ray Tucker sent News On 6 a video showing huge flames coming from the storage.

Firefighters say there's an office attached and there was possibly a space heater in that office but they are still working to determine if that's true.

Fire chief Mike Wood says this is where the city gets its sand for use in winter weather. He says this could have a big financial impact on the company.

"Probably a quarter-million dollars. I don't know much their loaders cost or how old they are or anything like that but it's gonna be pretty substantial for them because it's, I'm sure, a main part of their business," said Chief Wood.

The Keystone Fire Department brought in water for them because Sand Springs firefighters say there's no nearby hydrant.

They say no one was hurt in the fire.

Firefighters went back out in the daylight so they could get a better look at the damage and figure out the cause. The damage estimate is set at $250,000.

Image of firefighters working at the scene of the fire.


Image of firefighters at the scene of the fire.


Image of firefighters using a mobile tank to transfer water.