JENKS, Oklahoma -
A lockdown is over in the Jenks Public School District just one day after police say two teenagers were found on campus with loaded guns.

Just before 11 Wednesday morning, the central campus of Jenks Public Schools went on precautionary lockdown. The district said it was related to Tuesday’s incident where 2 teens were arrested for threatening a violent act.

There was increased campus police security on the central campus of Jenks Public Schools Wednesday after two scares in less than 24 hours.

Wednesday morning, the district sent out a notice to parents about a precautionary lockdown because a possible weapon spotted on campus.

"Which means students were just held where they were in the moment instead of going to lunch or next class. Just stayed in classroom,” said Bonnie Rogers with Jenks Public Schools.

This came a day after police say 19-year-old Zion Durham was spotted on campus with another person, a juvenile we’re not naming, carrying a loaded pistol and a rifle.

"They heard that somebody had a gun elsewhere on central campus, so it was just a matter of bringing those individuals in questioning them and making sure there was no weapon and no credible threat," said Rob Loeber with Jenks Public Schools.

Jenks police later found Zion off campus and arrested him for threatening a violent act. The district did not issue a lockdown for this situation.

"Getting ready to call that and within minutes suspects had been found and being held by Jenks City Police,” said Rogers.

Jenks Police are not commenting on specifics of that investigation, referring us instead to the school district.

"In every circumstance, there are things we learn and can do better and we are looking at what those are and we will continue to make things safe,” said Rogers.

Durham is booked in the Tulsa County jail on possession of a firearm and threatening a deadly act.