TULSA, Oklahoma - Here's the latest from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation:

Oklahoma Department of Transportation crews are treating slick highways and bridges in much of central, north-central, northeastern, northwestern and western Oklahoma. Motorists are reminded that bridges and overpasses freeze before roadways and should use extreme caution and plan extra travel time this morning.

Highways are slick and hazardous in the counties north of Tulsa and from west of Tulsa continuing to the Woodward area, as well as in the central part of the state in and around the Oklahoma City metro area. Highways are slick in spots just south of Oklahoma City.

Western Oklahoma highways are slick in spots and roads in southwestern Oklahoma are primarily wet and have the potential to develop slick spots.

Crews in eastern Oklahoma are monitoring conditions and treating bridges as needed.

Visibility is reduced in much of the state due to fog and drivers should use extra caution, travel at slower speeds and leave more distance between other vehicles.