KIEFER, Oklahoma - New details are coming to light after the arrest of the former principal at Kiefer Upper Elementary School.  Prosecutors charged Jayson Larremore with child sexual abuse, lewd molestation and rape by instrumentation.

Sapulpa Police and the Creek County Sheriff's Office worked together to arrest Larremore after a relative he's accused of molesting for several years came forward with her story.

"It's tough for victims to come forward just because of the nature of the crime," Major Mike Reed with Sapulpa Police said.

An affidavit from the Creek County Sheriff's Office said Larremore sexually abused the victim when she was between the ages of 9 and 16.              

The affidavit said the victim didn't say anything until she told a family member in 2016.             

That's when Sapulpa Police said the victim's family confronted Larremore.

"He confessed to the girl's allegations and even wrote out a confession letter to the family," Reed said.

Even with a confession, Reed said his victim stayed silent, because her family decided to handle it on their own.

"Instead of coming forward to police, they decided to put him on their own family probation, if you will," he said.

The affidavit said Larremore agreed to quit teaching, resign from the ministry and seek counseling.            

So when the victim heard Larremore was working at Kiefer Public Schools, police said she couldn't stay silent any longer.

"Very brave of her to come forward, seeing that he had an opportunity being around kids in Kiefer, that she felt an obligation to protect those kids," Reed said.

Reed said families should never try to handle a situations like this without the help of law enforcement.

"The earlier we can get in on it, the better chance we have to solve it," he said.

News On 6 called the Kiefer superintendent for a comment but we haven't heard back yet.