OWASSO, Oklahoma - It was a difficult day for students, teachers and administrators in the Owasso School District after the loss of a student in a car accident Wednesday.

Madison Reedy, 16, was killed in a car accident Wednesday afternoon. Her sister and a friend, both Owasso High School students, were both critically injured.

“It’s hard, you know, we all shed tears; we’re human too,” Owasso School Counselor Dorie Klusman said Thursday afternoon after school let out.

“But we put our professional hat on and we go to work, and we’re there for the kids."

School counselors and staff were on hand for students as they arrived to school Thursday morning. Some were stationed at the front door, bus loop and in classrooms to comfort kids.

“I found it interesting, they were there for each other a lot. I wasn’t sure what to expect today, but they were the for each other, they spoke with each other, they didn’t have a lot of questions for us – we were mostly there for support," the counselor said.

Out of respect for the students involved in the tragedy and their families, the staff didn’t want to speak specifically about the deadly car accident or the students involved. They did say it’s a big loss for the district, and every student is processing it differently.

“They’re dealing with it in their own way," Klusman said.  "Some students get very withdrawn and quiet; some may act out, or we will see a fluctuation of emotions – we saw a lot of that today.”

As the student body and teachers heal from this most recent loss, counselors are hoping they can quickly get back into a regular routine because it’s healthy for them to get back into the structure of the day that they’re used to.

On Friday, counselors will also be available for any student who needs to talk about their feelings. Counselors are also encouraging that support to continue at home over the weekend.

“Be there for them, listen, let them talk, let them get out all those emotions," said Dorie Klusman, Owasso school counselor.

"They have so many emotions at this age. It’s important for them just to talk and for the parents to be there to listen. That’s the biggest thing we can do for them.”

Madison’s sister’s name and the name of their friend haven’t been publicly released. Family and friends tell us at last check both are listed in critical condition.