Tulsa's Special Operations team is getting ready to compete in an international SWAT team competition.

Tulsa is one of only two police SWAT teams in the country to be invited to the Annual Warrior Competition held in the middle eastern country of Jordan.

Eight members of the 30-member team will compete and they were chosen through try-outs.

Those eight, plus two alternates, are working out together four times a week, to get ready the challenges they’ll face in April.

The work outs are fast-paced, strength-testing and endurance-draining workouts to get as fit as possible so they'll be ready to handle what challenge is thrown at them.

"We're hoping our workouts are a little bit tougher than the actual competition," said Sgt. Brandon Wykoff with TPD’s Special Operations Team.

They will face seven different challenges, and all of them will involve some type of physical test with running and carrying heavy objects, followed by shooting to see who can fire the fastest and more accurate shots.

"Trying to get in good enough conditioning so when we do a competition and line up to shoot, we can control our heart rate better, control our breathing and make accurate shots," he said.

They've seen videos of past competitions, but each year it's different, so they really have no idea what they'll be facing. They just know it will be against some of the top police and military teams in the world. They only other police team from the U.S. is in California.

"So, we're trying to prepare for whatever we think might come our way but not really knowing what will come our way," said Sgt. Wykoff.

They want to do their best because they are proud to represent their team, the police department and the entire city of Tulsa.

They are still raising money for the trip which is in mid-April. Go to TPD Foundation website to donate and write in “SWAT competition” in the notes sections.