TULSA, Oklahoma - A state lawmaker is pulling a bill that could have made Uber and other Ride Sharing services more expensive.

"Unfortunately as some of my constituents have pointed out the bill has some unintended consequences," said Norman Representative Merleyn Bell.

The bill would have required ride-sharing services to pay Oklahoma 20% of the money they get when they charge surge pricing. That money would then go to the Department of Public Safety for DUI prevention programs. But there are worries Uber and Lyft would just hike prices to compensate the loss causing some drinkers to get behind the wheel.

"If that drunk driver, if that person chose to drive because they didn't want to pay the extra money for Uber or Lyft, then shame on all of us," said Tulsa County DA Steve Kunzweiler.

The DA says DUI cases are down 30% partially because of Uber and Lyft.