Skiatook officers have a warning for people after spending hours trying to save a horse's life.

That horse fell into a frozen pond and eventually had to be put down because it couldn't stand.

Skiatook Officers say they did all they could to save the horses live. But they hope this reminds people to not walk out on ice and stay away from ice cold water.

Officers were able to pull the horse up on the bank but they had no idea how long the horse had been in the ice cold water.

"When I got there the horse appeared to be in distress, unable to stand on its own, slipping in the mud. We tried to stand the horse up with another individual but it just couldn’t hold its own weight," said Sgt. Tracy Moore with the  Skiatook Police Department.

Moore says the pond where the horse fell in was deep making it hard for the horse to break through the ice to get back to shore.

The vet ended up having to put the horse down.

Moore says with this cold weather we have had, this is a safety concern for both animals and people.

"Watch your children. Make sure they aren't on these ponds. These ponds aren't safe right now. The ice is only like an inch thick. It may be thicker on the outer sides but when you get out to the middle it's even thinner," said Moore.