TULSA, Oklahoma - The hunt is on for a man accused of leading Rogers County deputies on a chase overnight.

The chase started in the Catoosa area. Tulsa Police got involved when the pursuit came into Tulsa.

Tulsa Police say Rogers County deputies and Catoosa Police were chasing a car around 11:30 last night.

Officers and deputies set up a road block somewhere along Tiger Road near Catoosa -- but that didn't stop the car.

“Deputies had fired at the suspect when he attempted run over them as he was running a roadblock,” said Captain Dave Roberts, Tulsa Police.

Police say the car ended up stopping on a dead-end road near Pine and Sheridan.

By the time officers got to the car it was empty. They say the passenger door was open, so there may have been two people in the car during the chase.

Officers say the car had multiple bullet holes in it, but they're not sure if anyone was hurt.

Police brought in a K-9 officer to help but so far they haven't found the person and haven't said who that person might be.

Officers say the thick fog made the search more difficult than normal.