ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - Rogers County Deputies fired shots at a man who fled a traffic stop, then ran a roadblock set up near Catoosa.

The chase continued into Tulsa, where the driver bailed out and remains at large. The driver almost hit two Rogers County Deputies, but they were not hurt.

"The car got very close to both of them, said Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton, "one of them probably within a foot of him."

Just a few minutes into the pursuit, deputies set up a two car roadblock near Tiger Switch Road in Catoosa. The driver didn't stop.

Walton said "The suspect comes at them with a vehicle and both officers shoot at the vehicle, they hit it multiple times and that pursuit continues on into Tulsa."  The chase started and the shots were fired near Catoosa and it ended a few miles West near Pine and Sheridan in Tulsa.

"The car has been hit multiple times" said Tulsa Police Captain Dave Roberts. "We don't know yet if the suspect was hit or if he was how badly he was hit."

OSBI agents found some blood in the car, and enough information to narrow down a suspect, but the name has not been released.  Sheriff Walton says he's grateful the deputies weren't hurt - even though one of them hit a deer during the pursuit.  Until they find the suspect - they won't know if he was injured by the officers shooting at him.