An Oklahoma woman is lucky to be alive after a driver slammed into her van from behind on a highway and sent her van rolling end over end, four times.

The driver who did it sped away and could've gotten away with it had it not been for a good Samaritan.

Shelley and her friend were coming back from Oklahoma City last Tuesday night when she says she saw headlights coming up fast in her rearview mirror. Before she could even say to her friend, “he's going to hit us”, he slammed into them from behind.

Shelley describes that moment, "there was no skidding, no turn the steering wheel, no breaking, just being hit to rolling. Just kept rolling."

Shelley says she felt no fear, but, had a sense a peace come over her even though she was sure they weren't going to live through it.

Shelley says, "all I could think of is there's no way I'm going to survive this. God this is it, I'm going to heaven."

The van landed on its tires and they did survive and several people stopped to help, but the other driver was nowhere around and no one had seen the impact.

Shelley says, "I was thinking, how do I prove this? How do I prove somebody hit me? I don't just go rolling off a highway for no reason."

Shelley and her friend were sent to the hospital when a stranger walked in carrying a bouquet of flowers. Shelley says he turned out to be their hero,

"He goes, you don't know me, but, I'm your witness."

He saw the whole thing, including the driver speeding off, after the crash, so he followed the suspect for 15 miles, while on the phone to 911 and stayed there until troopers arrested Willie Flowers.

Todd Wadman is quite humble about it all and simply says, "It was good to see her. I was thankful they're okay. It could've been so much worse."

They say the trooper told them this was Flowers’ 4th DUI, that he had no insurance and a suspended driver's license and had it not been for Todd, Flowers would've gotten away.

Shelley is beyond grateful, “I just want to thank the Lord I'm alive and thank Todd for being our hero."

Todd's company, Paul Davis Restoration, is a sponsor of the Tulsa Oilers so he's even invited Shelley, her friend, and their families to an Oilers game next month.

Flowers was booked into the Lincoln County jail after the crash but has since bonded out.