TULSA, Oklahoma - If you're looking to get last-minute sweets for your sweetie, we have some ideas. Locally-owned Glacier Confection makes delicious chocolates right here in Tulsa and then sells them in their stores and online.

Dave and I went to check out their chocolate factory to see first-hand how it's all made. We asked Glacier Chocolates owner Bill Copeland about his favorite chocolate, and it's not an easy decision to make.

"The coffee coconut gelatto - actually on the chocolate side. It's the caramel macchiato. Well wait, maybe it's the peanut butter and jelly because everybody loves that."

It was a tough call for us, too, but we got to taste a few of the chocolates that we helped make.

Glacier Confection has three Tulsa locations. Two of them are downtown, and one is in Utica Square.