BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - Allyssa Robbins, 21, was with two of her friends driving to Oklahoma City on January 2nd when they hit a patch of ice and lost control of the car.

“The police report says that the car hit the left side, spun and then hit the other wall four times before we slid to a stop,” Driver, Maia Persinger, 20, said.

Persinger was behind the wheel, Andy Briley was in the passenger seat and Robbins was in the backseat. Persinger and Briley say they were wearing a seatbelt, Robbins wasn’t.

Robbins was ejected from the vehicle and sent flying over the edge of the overpass. The accident happening on the Creek Turnpike near Highway 169.

“(Andy) He just said, Allyssa’s gone and I was like what do you mean Allyssa’s gone?, “ Persinger recalled.

They searched the area around the car, backseat again and under the car before realizing that their friend went over the edge.

“I was just like use my eyes, like she has to be out here somewhere. I rested both of my hands on the side of the bridge and looked over and I was like where are you Allyssa? And then I saw the top, she had on a bright orange Sky Zone hoddie on and I was like – she’s right there!”

Emergency crews say that branches broke Robbins fall although she was critically injured. Landing on her back along a creek she was feet away from rolling down into the water.

“I remember Maida saying, “We’re sliding, we’re sliding and that is it, that’s all I remember,” Robbins said.

She suffered two collapsed lungs, a broken collar bone, wrist, finger. She had her spleen removed, lacerated liver, internal bleeding and injuries from the branches hitting her face…but she was alive.

So far, she’s had six surgeries. One more is likely on her finger. Although insurance will pay for most of her medical bills they won’t cover the more than $500,000 cost that has already added up. Family and friends are asking for help paying for her medical expenses through a GoFundMe Account