KELLYVILLE, Oklahoma - The Kellyville town council voted unanimously to approve paying for a K-9 for the Police Department as well as buying a Police SUV and outfitting it with all the proper equipment for the dog.

The dog's name is Lead. She's a four-month-old German Shepherd and the newest member of the Kellyville Police Department.

Patrolman Tyler Stroup came up with the idea after seeing a need in the community.

"Making sure the school is drug free, go in sniff backpacks, sniff cars in the parking lot during the lake season, if someone was to get lost we would be able to aid creek county and search and rescue be able to aid Sapulpa different agencies" said Patrolman Tyler Stroup with the Kellyville Police Dept.

Once fully trained, Lead will be able to detect drugs and trained in tracking,

"We got all the major highways coming thru here and there's a lot of drugs that move not just 66 but 44 there's a lot of drugs around us," said Patrolman Tyler Stroup with the Kellyville Police Dept.

But she won't be a biting dog and will not be utilized to take down suspected criminals.

Stroup said having a Police dog in town will shorten response time and the town won't have to rely on larger departments like the Creek County Sheriff's Office or Sapulpa Police to respond.

"If we are on a traffic stop we can't hold somebody for a long. If someone's missing we don't have to wait for the K-9 to come out we can just go out and start tracking," said Patrolman Stroup.

Stroup said training both him and the dog will cost about $9000. A local business is stepping up and will match the money up to $5000.

"It's the best thing that's happened to Kellyville, it's a two-man patrol and they need that third man no matter if its a bite dog or not," said Terry Voss who lives in town.

"I think she'll be able to catch some good ones," said Patrolman Stroup.

The K-9 and the Patrolman will start training in the fall.