SAPULPA, Oklahoma - Sapulpa Police say two people are in jail after officers caught one of them pawning jewelry. Now officers believe these two could be connected with other cases.

Sapulpa Police say they've had several burglaries on the East side of town in the past year but now they believe this case could actually help solve more than 30 other cases across town. 

"I think this is going to answer a lot of our questions and hopefully close a lot of those cases," said Sapulpa PD Lt. Troy Foreman.

On Sunday, a Sapulpa woman reported the theft of jewelry, a TV and an iPad from her home. The next morning her brother started calling local pawn shops to describe the jewelry in case someone brought it in and police say he happened to call at the right time.

"As he was on the phone with the jeweler / the suspect walks in and is trying to offload some of the jewelry," said Lt. Foreman.

Lt. Foreman says the man left the jewelry at the store and the store owner called Police. Then while they were there taking the report, the man happened to come back into the store.

"You would kind of think with the police car sitting in front, wouldn't you stop and think 'hmm should I go in there or not?' I just took some hot jewelry in there but he came in," said Lt. Foreman.

Police arrested Gary Gilmore at the pawn shop then got a warrant to search the RV he was living in with his girlfriend Heather Harper. While searching the RV they found several other items that appear to be stolen.

"There's probably four or five bins that they recovered like big old totes that they filled up with property from that residence," said Lt. Foreman.

Police say they've had several burglaries reported on the East side of town in the past six months so if you live east of Mission Street and North of Lincoln Avenue on the East Side of town, your home may have been hit. Now they are looking to match the stolen property with their rightful owners.

"This one kind of broke it open because we believe he committed a lot of those that we were looking at," said Lt. Foreman.

Sapulpa Police say if you did have some property stolen, you may want to follow up on your report. They also say this investigation is ongoing and more arrests could be coming.