TULSA, Oklahoma - A famous Tulsan is showing off his large collection of vintage Tulsa postcards. They feature long-time landmarks and some places you might have forgotten about.

Tulsa has grown a lot over the years, especially in downtown, but looking through the postcards really shows how much has changed, yet how much has stayed the same.

Danny Boy O'Connor is the rapper who now owns The Outsiders house near Admiral and Peoria. News On 6 recently learned about his collection of well over one-hundred vintage Tulsa postcards.

"Slowly, I just started going online and I wanted to know more about Tulsa," said O’Connor.

You'll see a variety of Tulsa treasures from Boston Avenue United Methodist to the Mayo Hotel. O'Connor says it's incredible how many of these landmarks are either still standing or were redeveloped.

"They're very particular that the developers make something that is also as stoic as the building that it might be next to or repurpose old buildings that most cities would probably demolish," said O’Connor.

He plans on making a website where people can see these postcards. Several people have also asked him about using the images in other creative ways.

"Whether that's, you know, turning some of the images into pillows or T-shirts or what have you," he said.

O'Connor says he'll do anything he can to show off Tulsa's beauty.

"Nobody kind of makes a postcard of things that are [unremarkable] so these were all important dreams, hopes, aspirations, buildings that people took pride in," said O’Connor.