TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - A suspected rapist who fled to the Philippines is in custody tonight, thanks to the U.S. Marshals. He was wanted in Pawnee  County as well as other states.

U.S. Marshals and News on 6 have teamed up to help get more wanted fugitives brought to justice.

Each Monday at 5 pm, News on 6 airs the U.S. Marshals “Most wanted Monday” suspect. The idea is to get the picture and information out there, to generate more tips and lead to more arrests and it’s working. Of the eight most wanted suspects aired so far, six are now behind bars.

Adrian Eddings is the most recent. We told you about him last month. He’s accused of rape in Oklahoma and several other states. U.S. Marshals say even leaving the country, in this case, going to the Philippines is not enough to escape their grasp.

“You can catch a flight anywhere, we can find you anywhere you go," says John Gage, with the U.S. Marshal’s Northern Oklahoma Violent Crimes Task Force.

The Task Force also arrested Raymond Lane and Rae Dawn Barnes, our most suspects from this past Monday and a week ago Monday. They've been on the run since the Wagoner County sheriff's office tried to arrest Lane at his home, where he'd used a bulldozer to build a moat. They were also suspected in a police chase involving a crash with a Coweta officer’s car

John Gage says it’s always a concern, how far someone is willing to go to avoid being caught. The other most wanted suspects captured recently are Jarrell Thomas, wanted for drugs, Eric Whitney, wanted for trying to run over a police officer, Patrick Walker, wanted for escape and assaulting an officer.

Marshals have been hunting fugitives for decades and say it's always a weight off their shoulders when a wanted criminal is in custody.

John Gage says "You can run, but we're going to find you. We always do."

They say none of this would be possible without the help of citizens. Be sure to watch Newson 6 every Monday at 5 pm as we air the Marshals’ current most wanted suspects.