TULSA, Oklahoma - A new North Tulsa public swimming pool won't open this year and maybe torn out for repairs. A construction error led to drainage problems that engineers aren't sure yet can be fixed without starting over.

It started with a surveying error that led to the pool being built lower than it should have been, and without changes, runoff could drain into the pool and contaminate it.

"This would be a challenge anywhere" says Anna America, the Director of the Parks Department, but "It's a particular challenge in that park because it's in a flood plain."

The ground at Lacy Park slopes towards the west and that makes the parking lot drain toward the pool. The contractor and city inspectors are working on a solution - possibly by reworking the parking lot - or even tearing out the pool to start over. Either way, it won't cost the city anything but time.

"The city is protected in this instance because they have to deliver" says Ameria, "and if they don't meet the standards, we go back and say you don't meet the standards and you have to fix this."

The new pool is just part of a $7 million dollar renovation of the park that includes a new splash pad and playground.  Those features will open this summer, but not the pool. The city is waiting on a few more test results before deciding what to do next, but those tests could be done within a week.