A man is in custody after the Rogers County Sheriff's Office spent the better part of this week searching for him.

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said Chad Anderson is facing some serious charges, but he's finally off the streets. The sheriff said it took his deputies a lot of hard work and sleepless nights to find the man.

"We didn't know how desperate he was not to go to jail," Walton said. "We didn't know his access to weapons. A lot of unknowns right there."

Sheriff Scott Walton said it all started when deputies tried to pull Anderson over.

"He ran at that point, got out on a dangerous two-lane road," he said.

Walton said he blew right past a road block, forcing deputies to fire rounds into the car.

Walton said his deputies spent the week weeding through tips and information on where Anderson might be.

"He was going through a third party, we were getting some information last evening that he may surrender himself," he said.

Deputies eventually located Anderson in a home near Collinsville with his girlfriend.

"A little difficulty getting him out of there," Walton said. "The whole deal has been met with resistance on his part."

Walton said Anderson faces two charges of assault with intent to kill.

"We probably did him a favor by taking him into a custody and getting him medical attention," he said. "That's a lot more than the favors he did for us."

Walton said they don't know the extent of Anderson's injuries at this time, but on Thursday, he was still in the hospital. Walton said Anderson will be booked into jail when he's released.

His girlfriend, Shelby Stambeck is in the Tulsa County Jail for harboring a fugitive.