ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Rogers County Sheriff said people are finding stray bullets inside their homes, cars, and even livestock.

Alec Crain lives in Claremore and said he was shocked to come outside for work early one morning in November to find three bullet holes in his truck, and his back window completely shattered.

Crain said his family never heard a sound the night someone shot his car.

"Looked like somebody had drove by and just shot at my truck pretty much," he said.

He found bullet holes and glass on the ground.

"I was pretty freaked out because I thought my truck had been broken into," Crain said.

But Crain said nothing was stolen, making him think it was probably a prank.

"I just assume it was some kids joy riding and thought it would be fun to shoot up a truck. And it happened to be mine," he said.

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said they receive calls like this almost daily.

"In a county like Rogers, it's densely populated," he said. "People have their firearms and certainly have the right to enjoy those weapons. We've had everything just shy of people shot."

While the sheriff's office doesn't believe there are bad intentions, Walton is asking gun owners to be more cautious.

"Very, very fortunate nobody was hurt," he said. "You could change the factors just a little bit and come out with a very tragic ending."

Crain said the damage to his window did impact his family, putting him out a couple hundred dollars right before the holidays.

"Replacing that window was about 250 bucks. And for us, that is a lot of money," he said. "I don't think that people who do these things really think about the repercussions that it does to other people, but that's what it did to us."

The sheriff says he hopes people will learn from stories like this one and think more carefully before they pull the trigger.