TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Tulsa County man is behind bars after police say he tried to sell LSD and marijuana on Snapchat. This was the man’s second arrest in less than three weeks.

Tulsa Police officers say this is one of the easiest cases they’ve worked because all the evidence they needed was on social media. Tulsa Police Sargent Todd Evans works VICE which is why we are not showing his face.

He was one of the officers who showed up to serve a warrant at the house where 19-year-old Landon Johnston was living.

"He said, ‘I have got a medical marijuana card. I don't understand this,’ and we said, ‘we know that you are advertising on Snapchat for this to be for sale,’ he kind of dropped his head and says, ‘Well, I only do that sometimes,” said Evans.

Evans says officers got a tip that Johnston was selling LSD and marijuana on Snapchat and the ads were bold.

"Anybody that had friended this person on Snapchat had availability to the pictures and the advertisements and so we friended him on Snapchat. We saw pictures of what looked to be marijuana and LSD blotters on the pictures it had what the prices were depending on what type of amounts you wanted,” said Evans.

Officers got a search warrant and say they found marijuana that was packaged to sell, LSD, prescription pills and a gun. Johnston now faces five felony complaints.

"It certainly makes it easier for us to do our jobs when somebody is that open about wanting to violate the law," said Evans.

Johnston already faces other charges for an incident that happened at the same homeless than three weeks before. An affidavit says a family member saw a photo of Johnston holding a gun to his head and called the police. It says officers heard a gunshot outside the house, found and arrested Johnston. They say the gun was stolen.

News On 6 requested an interview with Johnston at the jail but was told he was sick and could not go on camera.