TULSA, Oklahoma - News On 6 wanted to learn the story behind a heartwarming picture recently posted on Facebook showing a QuikTrip employee changing a tire in the store parking lot for an elderly man.

It seems everyone knew this heartwarming moment was going viral, except the two men involved.

Jared Stice is the QT employee who helped.

"He comes in and tells us, he has a flat tire and needs help fixing it, and some of the clerks said 'anybody know how to change a flat tire,' to anybody in the store," Jared said.

"I said, 'I do. I'll go change it for him after I get off the register.'"

Jared didn't know Arthur McAfee, didn't know Arthur is 91 and undergoing treatment for skin cancer. He just knew someone needed help. Jared didn't care that it was cold or that he was wearing shorts. It's just how he was raised.

"It took like 10 minutes to fix. Nobody else was helping him. Treat people how you want to be treated," Jared said.

Arthur had just left the grocery store and felt the thumping of the flat tire, so pulled into QuikTrip and asked for help. He says the young man behind the counter, never hesitated, just got his jack and got to work.

Arthur says he does a lot of business at QuikTrip and says, “I don't think you can find a nicer bunch of young people than they are."

Both men went about their day, having no idea someone snapped the picture or posted it online.

Jared says he girlfriend is the one who told him about the picture.

"I was going to bed. She sent me a text that said look on Facebook, there's a picture of you going around. I looked and there was a picture of me on the ground. No one knew it was me yet," he said.

Arthur says people at church told him about it, even people out of state saw it.

“I was talking to my sister in Texas, and she seen it on Facebook down there."

Arthur offered to pay Jared, but of course, he said no.

To make things even sweeter, Jared later learned he's actually friends with one of Arthur's grandsons.

Jared just passed his EMT exam and has applied to be accepted into the Tulsa Fire Academy.