TULSA, Oklahoma - Police arrested three people after a drug deal turned into a robbery in a parking lot near Pine and Yale. 

An officer saw a vehicle speeding out of the 2 Go Food Mart parking lot and then a man ran up to him and said the people in the speeding vehicle had just robbed him.

When the officer caught up with the vehicle, he found Israel Hernandez and two juveniles, who were booked but then released to their parents. 

Officers say they found marijuana and an airsoft pistol in the vehicle. The three people in the SUV told police that they met up with the man to buy marijuana, but then took off without paying.

Officers went back to the parking lot where it all started, but the man who said he was robbed was no longer there. 

Hernandez is booked in the Tulsa County Jail and faces charges for possession, reckless driving and warrant.