TULSA, Oklahoma - The City of Tulsa is gearing up for this latest round of winter weather. Crews said they're confident they're ready for whatever weather we get.

The city says they pre-treated elevated surfaces like overpasses, bridges, and hills, just to be prepared. They'll send out trucks again once the temperatures drops to 32 degrees.

They have three temperature sensors placed around the city to see when the rain that's been falling could turn to ice.

The city has used around 1,000 tons of salt this year on city roads and only expect to use a few hundred tons Tuesday. They're using a brine mix that's 23 percent salt.

The brine helps keep freezing rain, sleet and snow from bonding to roads. 

Crews said they have 50 trucks available and plan to put around 45 of them into service. They hope being proactive overnight and Tuesday morning will help them later.

"If we should get a heavy amount of frozen precipitation then it's easier to plow it up off the roadway because you have that barrier there," said Street Maintenance Manager Tim McCorkell.

Workers said they'll be out in force when things get slick. They're asking you to keep an eye out for them as they work to make the drive home as safe as possible.

"Most of the people are good about letting us do our job and getting through and getting on the streets," McCorkell said. "Of course you always have the select few that are in a hurry to get home too, so they want to be there first."

Crews can work 16-hour shifts to get Tulsa streets in the best shape possible.