TULSA, Oklahoma - Some Elementary School Students at Union are getting the chance to travel on a different kind of journey after school.

About 15 students at Boevers Elementary School are trying out Yog-ography as an after-school club. Yog-ography is a mix of yoga and geography. Students have the opportunity to use their imaginations to travel around the world while doing yoga.

"When you're stressed, it goes away,” said Hatziri Diaz. “You just let it go."

From Egypt posing like pyramids to imagining a day at Buckingham Palace, students can dream of far away places.

"I was just there with the queen and we were having a tea party," said Diaz. 

They see many different animals at a watering hole in Africa, like lions. Then pass dolphins swimming in the ocean, and see penguins waddling along the shore.

“Penguin pose is my favorite,” said Natalie Morales, "I put my hands like this and then you walk like a penguin."

They look far and wide, through their pretend binoculars, until they find their next adventure.

"They see different things, how we have to travel. we went to the United Kingdom, we rode on a horse, so there’s different poses that go along with it," said instructor Rachel Shelby.

During the class, students can use their imaginations when they travel, whether it’s in a helicopter, on a boat or even on their magic carpet yoga mat. Then they have the chance to describe what they see along the way.

"They draw a picture about where we traveled during our yoga session and it’s just silence,” said Shelby. “They are so focused on what they saw, what they experienced and there’s definitely a peace at the end of it."

Union School Officials say 60 percent of students at Boevers participate in more than 30 different clubs after school. They say they wanted to add yoga to their list to give students the opportunity to try something new.

"I have one student that comes by and says I really liked yoga yesterday or do you remember when we traveled here yesterday," said Shelby.

Because your imagination can take you anywhere.

"It’s calm and peaceful and you just can’t imagine it," said Diaz.