SAPULPA, Oklahoma - The Sapulpa Fire Department is trying to figure out what caused a house fire near the 500 block of North Brown St. The fire department says a home was destroyed but no one was hurt.

Firefighters said originally they had been told at least one person was inside the home.

When they got on scene, they could see the back side of the home was on fire. Firefighters immediately went inside to search for people. They said that's when the roof started to collapse and they had to pull out for a short amount of time.

Thankfully, they said no one was hurt. But it wasn't an easy task putting out this fire. The Battalion Chief tells News On Six limited manpower, the cold weather and the construction of the home made it difficult for firefighters to get this fire under control and out.

"A lot of false roofs a lot of false ceilings a lot of add ons a lot of old-style wooden walls and ceilings we had to do a lot of tear out to get to the fire that was up in the attic," said Darrin Kragel, the Battalion Chief for the Sapulpa Fire Department.

The fire marshal is on the scene. No word yet on what caused the fire.