TULSA, Oklahoma - A mother of twins was arrested after her 1-year-old daughter died from severe head injuries. 

The court affidavit says Tiffani Paul called 911 on February 18th and said her 1-year-old daughter was struggling to breathe.

Paul has twins--one boy and one girl--and she told police the girl was the difficult baby and cried the most.

She originally told police that the baby slipped in the bathtub and hit her head on a towel rack, and she said that a few days later the 1-year-old fell face first on a toy fire truck.

Police say that was not consistent with the baby's injuries so they interviewed Paul again, and her story changed. This time she told them she dropped the baby down 5 to 6 steps.

Later she changed the story again telling police that she threw the 1-year-old into a wall and waited weeks to call for help.

Police say when they asked Paul why she would do that she responded "I don't know. I'm just tired."

Police say Paul is six months pregnant.

"Very frightening she's pregnant again," said Corporal Mark Kraft, Tulsa Police Child Crisis Unit.

They say when she was arrested, Paul said she was having contractions so was taken to the hospital before being booked into jail for child abuse murder and child neglect.

Police say the little girl was on life support as soon as she arrived at the hospital and never regained brain activity due to massive head trauma, a cracked skull and bleeding in her brain and eyes.

Police say Paul did try to get some help a couple of days earlier.

"She'd taken the child to the hospital on Saturday with the contusion, but the doctors there released her and didn't call us or anything," Kraft said.

Police say if you're losing control, put your child in a safe place and step away.

"Just step away, take deep breaths, cool off," said Tulsa Police Child Crisis Corporal Mark Kraft.

The Department of Human Services has custody of the twin boy. The D.A.'s Office said if DHS believes a child is in danger, the D.A. will ask a judge for a court order to remove the child. I'll let you know whether that happens in this case. Paul declined my request for an interview.

Paul is now booked in the Tulsa County Jail and faces charges for child abuse murder and child neglect.