SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - This weekend Oklahoma wrestlers will face off in the state's biggest tournament of the year.

The Oklahoma Secondary School Activity Association says a Sand Springs wrestler will make history when he hits the mat for the state tournament.

With a few reps of bench presses, 17-year-old Brendon Wiseley is in the final push ahead of his biggest wrestling match yet.

“I’m feeling pretty good about it...just a little nervous, ya know, first time jitters going into it,” Brendon said.

On Friday the Sand Springs High School junior will wrestle in his first ever state tournament, as the first ever Oklahoma wrestler to make it there with a prosthetic leg, which he pulls off before each match.

“Ya know, people look at me like, 'Oh this kid's not very good, he's got one leg,'” he said.

But they would be wrong. With a 36-11 record, his coach says Brendon is very likely a championship title contender.

“He has the opportunity to win it. And I'm excited for him,” Sands Springs Wrestling Coach Jarrod Patterson said. “Honestly I forget that he has a prosthetic leg because it doesn't slow him down at all. He does everything that we ask everyone else to do in here.”

Surgeons amputated the lower part of Brendon’s right leg after lawnmower accident 10 years ago. He was 7 years old at the time and remembers everything clearly.

“Me and my brother and sister were riding on a lawnmower and we turned and my sister was falling and I grabbed her and I put my foot down and brother swerved the other way and it cut my foot off,” said Brendon.

Having just one foot has never held him back. Whether it’s wrestling, water sports or racing cars, Brendon’s positive attitude is what sets him apart, not his appearance.            

“Just been trying to thrive and do the best with what I've got,” Brendon said. “I'm just like anyone else, there's not a big difference.”

And over the next few days Brendon is going to wrestle, just like any other athlete, to win.          

“I'm gonna go out there and give my best and thank everyone for supporting me in what I do,” he said.

Six Sandite wrestlers qualified for the state tournament, which kicks off Friday February 22nd at the State Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City.